Redundancy Services for Employees

Work and Income has a range of information and advice on the type of services that will help support you if you are affected by redundancy.

Redundancy Support

Redundancy Support is an information and advice service that is provided in confidence when a business is downsizing, closing or relocating.

Work and Income can support you during this time by:

  • advising of other jobs available in the area
  • talking with you individually about your situation
  • supporting you in finding another job
  • helping with CV preparation
  • discussing further training opportunities
  • providing information about income support entitlements.
  • Other support that may help you

    Family tax credit

    This payment provides ongoing financial support for families. The amount you receive depends on your family situation.

    If you're on a Work and Income benefit you can get us to pay your family tax credit with your other payments.

    Inland Revenue pay the family tax credit to you if you're not getting a benefit payment from us.

    Find out more about family tax credit on the Inland Revenue website.

    Finding a new job

    Work and Income can offer career guidance and help you find a job that's right for you.

    If work isn't available straight away you may want to consider gaining work experience and learning new skills by doing voluntary work.

    Work and Income has a range of pre-employment and training programmes that may help you get back into the workforce and gain skills tailored to specific industries. To find out more about the programmes available in your area talk to your Work Broker.

    Unpaid leave

    If you are still employed, but have agreed with your employer to take unpaid leave, contact us to talk about what help may be available to you.

    Retraining for free

    You may be interested in undertaking further training to upgrade your skills. Some tertiary institutes have reduced or waived their fees for people experiencing redundancy and some courses are available online.

    Work and Income can advise you of any free training available through tertiary institutes in your area and the type of training courses available through other community or industry groups.

    Facing redundancy

    You may be able to get Flexi-wage to support you to either:

    • retrain so you can do a different job in the same business
    • temporarily do a fixed-term job in a different business until your normal job becomes stable.
  • Other useful information


    Sorted is New Zealand's free independent money guide run by the Retirement Commission. They provide tips for coping with redundancy. They will give you independent advice and you can use their online calculators to help you manage your money.

    Careers New Zealand

    Being made redundant can be one of the most stressful events in your life. However, unplanned change can create opportunities to enrich your life and take career paths you would not otherwise have considered. Careers New Zealand is a free advice and support service that helps people find a job, plan for a career and get information about further education and training.

    or call their advice line on 0800 601 301.

    Budget advice

    Information on 'Managing your money - what it means to have a budget', has been developed with the New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services.

    You will find Budget Advice services in your local phone book, or phone Budgetline free on 0508 283 438.

  • Other languages

    Work and Income information is available in other languages through our multilingual 0800 service, which is available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm. The languages available through our 0800 service include Arabic, Farsi, Cantonese and Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, Māori, Samoan, Tongan and Somali.

    The dedicated 0800 numbers are in the Government section of the white pages under Work and Income or in this page:

  • If you need more information

    Inland Revenue: 0800 020 012
    Careers NZ: 0800 222 733
    Budgetline: 0508 283 438