Pre-employment drug testing

If you need a candidate to take a drug test as part of your job application process and they fail, we can reimburse you for this cost.

We'll only refer candidates to you if they tell us they can pass a pre-employment drug test.

  • Who can be reimbursed

    You can be reimbursed for a failed drug test if:

    • your job vacancy is listed with us
    • you tell us when you list the vacancy that the job requires a drug test
    • we refer the candidate to you
    • you meet the New Zealand standard for drug testing
    • the candidate:
      • has work obligations
      • is getting a benefit.
    • you apply within 30 working days of the drug test being taken.
  • How much you can get

    We'll pay for each failed test, including GST:

    In-house screening $30
    External screening $70
    Evidential testing $120

    Evidential testing

    If the candidate doesn't accept the result of the screening test, you can choose to send the sample to a laboratory for evidential testing to confirm the result.

    You can get reimbursed for an evidential test if the sample fails again.

  • How to apply

    You need to:

    • talk to the candidate about the failed result
    • ask the candidate to sign a Failed pre-employment drug test result confirmation form
      • they will either accept or reject the result
    • keep a copy of this form on your records, in case the candidate queries it at a later time
    • complete the Drug test reimbursement form for employers
    • send it to us (the address is on the form).

    If it's approved, we'll pay the money directly to you.

    Candidate rejects result

    We tell the candidate when they apply for a benefit that if they don't accept the result, the best time to discuss this is straight away with the person administering the test.

    If you, the training provider or drug test provider want to confirm the result, you can choose to send the screening test result to a laboratory for evidential testing.