Check your payments

How to check your payments and information about payment issues.

Do it online

You can check your payments online in MyMSD.

If you have no upcoming payments or if your payment has been suspended, MyMSD will tell you. If you think this isn't right, call us

If you get Youth Payment or Young Parent Payment, you also need to contact your Youth Service provider directly to discuss your payments.

Don't have MyMSD

It's easy to set up MyMSD - all you need to get started is your client number.

Information about payment issues

  • Payments don't match

    If your payment doesn't match what's in MyMSD there could be a number of reasons for this.

    If you and your partner both get extra help payments (eg, Accommodation Supplement), we split the total amount evenly between you. If the split is uneven by a number of cents, one of you will get 1 cent more in your account.

    For example, if your total payment is $100.03, it splits into $50.015 each. So one of you will get $50.01 and the other person will get $50.02.

    If you get another extra help payment as well (eg, Disability Allowance) and the split is uneven again, the payment breakdown in MyMSD may show you getting a few cents more or less than what you get in your account.

  • Extra payment not showing in MyMSD

    When you have a change in your circumstances, you need to tell us right away as it could affect your payment. If you don't tell us before your regular payment is finalised, you might be paid the wrong amount, (either too much or not enough).

    If we don't pay you enough, we'll pay you the extra amount in a one off payment. This will be paid to you before your regular payment and won't show in MyMSD.

  • Payments around public holidays

    Sometimes your regular pay day will fall on a public holiday. When this happens, we'll always make sure you get your payments either the day before or on your regular pay day.

    For example, if you're usually paid on Wednesdays, and Wednesday is a public holiday, your payment will be available from Tuesday.

    Regional anniversary holidays

    If your regular pay day falls on a regional anniversary (eg. Wellington or Auckland anniversary), you will still be paid on your usual pay day. This is because pay dates only change when there is a national holiday for the whole country.

  • If you have any questions about your payment information

    Call us and say "payments". This will direct you to our Self Services where you'll be given details of your next payment. If this is still not what you were expecting or you have any questions, you can choose to talk to us.