Become a contracted provider

We fund many services and if we have opportunities for providers to work with us, we'll put out a tender for a contract.

Types of services we fund

We fund programmes and services that will help people get into full time, paid employment and remain in employment such as:

  • work confidence including life skills, motivation, job search skills, and mentoring
  • skills training including literacy and numeracy, English language, and industry-specific skills training like building and construction, retail, hospitality etc.
  • placement into employment
  • in work support services to assist clients to remain in employment.

Responding to a tender

All our tenders are posted on the New Zealand Government Electronic Tenders Service website.

For more information call the:

  • National Contracts Team: 04 978 4334

We'll be looking for information from you on:

  • how aligned your organisation is with what we're trying to achieve
  • the area of need that your service targets
  • your target client group and whether they're a high priority for us
  • whether your service provides the type of assistance we need to support the local community
  • evidence of your success in helping your client group to improve their life outcomes
  • the support and links you have in your community.