Shortlisting candidates

We'll talk with you about what qualities and skills are important to you and match the most suitable candidates to your vacancy.

How we shortlist

We'll match your vacancy to candidates who:

  • have the right skills and attitude
  • are:
    • available for the hours you've listed
    • in the local area or willing to move to the area.

We'll also take into account their education and work experience.

What happens next

We'll let you know once we've got a shortlist of candidates. We can send you their CVs and help arrange interviews, depending on what you want us to do.

If there's a candidate you like, but they don't quite have the required skill level for the job, we may be able to help with things like:

  • training
  • ongoing support and advice
  • modifications or equipment if they're disabled.

Managing CVs

If we send you a candidate's CV, you need to store or dispose of it securely as it's confidential. You can only give a candidate's CV to someone else with their permission.

For more information, visit the Privacy Commissioner website