Repaying debt while getting payments from us

If you're getting a benefit, Accommodation Supplement or NZ Superannuation, we work with you to decide on an amount you can afford which will then be taken from your weekly payments.

Setting up repayments

How much you pay depends on your circumstances. If you want to pay the debt off faster you can make extra repayments at any time.

Call us if you:

  • want to set up a time to talk to your case manager
  • want to discuss or set-up repayments
  • have questions about your debt.

If you're getting a Student Allowance, you need to contact StudyLink.

  • Keeping track of your debt repayments

    It's a good idea to keep track of how much you owe so you can budget for weekly deductions.

    You can do this using MyMSD

    You just need your client number to access this.

    MyMSD shows your total debt, a breakdown of the money you owe and what it's for eg an advance or over-payment. It also shows your repayments.

    If you still have debt from when you were getting payments from us previously, the amount will be displayed as a total. You won't see a breakdown of previous debt.

  • If your payment is about to stop

    If you owe us money and your payment is about to stop, eg, you get work, you need to call us on 0800 559 009 to:

    • let us know when your payment needs to stop
    • arrange an exit interview with us where we can discuss your repayment options.

    You can pay it off in a lump sum or you will be given the option of paying the debt off each week at an amount you can afford.

    You may still be eligible for extra help such as accommodation supplement or childcare assistance.

    3 month debt recovery suspension

    If you're moving into full-time work and get help with costs to find or start work, you may be eligible for a 3 month debt recovery suspension - during this time you won't have to make debt repayments. This is to help you pay for work related costs.

    Find out more about Finding or starting work – help with costs

    Talk to your case manager at your exit interview about whether you qualify for help with costs to find or start work, or if you can get other financial help.