Modifications to your workplace

Your employee may be able to get a funding through Job Support if they need equipment or changes to their work space due to their disability or health condition.

  • Who can get it

    Your employee may get funding for workplace modifications or equipment through Job Support if they:

    • have a disability or a health condition that is likely to last for more than 6 months
    • are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
    • aren't getting support from ACC or the Ministry of Health
    • normally live in New Zealand and intend to stay here
    • are aged 16 to 65 years old.

    You or your business must also have:

    • checked for alternative funding options, eg through the Ministry of Health or ACC
    • sought professional advice, if necessary, eg from either a:
      • occupational therapist
      • disability agency advisor
      • support professional.
  • What you can get

    The most your employee can apply for is up to $10,000, including GST, in a 52 week period. It can pay for things like:

    • ramps
    • handrails
    • visual aids.

    It can't pay for:

    • training
    • work experience
    • temporary employment
    • modifications or equipment that you would need to provide if your employee wasn't disabled
    • modifications to a building where you already have a legal obligation to provide access for disabled people, eg in new buildings or where the building is undergoing renovations
    • items for personal mobility only.

  • The application process

    Job Support funding is run by Workbridge and details are on its Support Funds website.

    In order to get Job Support funding for workplace modifications or equipment, your employee needs to apply through them. They can find out more information and download the application form from the Job Support funding page.

    To get more information you or your employee should get in touch with Workbridge.

  • What happens next

    Once your employee has applied for Job Support, you'll:

    • be contacted to arrange for someone to come and assess your workplace
    • be given an application form to complete
    • need to get a quote for the modifications or equipment your employee needs (if your quote is for more than $1,500, then you'll need to get 3 quotes).
    1. Send you're completed application form and quotes to Workbridge (they’ll let you know where to send them).
    2. Workbridge will contact you and your employee to tell you if your application is approved and to let you know you can do the modifications or buy the equipment.
    3. They'll come back to your workplace to check the modification or equipment is satisfactory and pay the company providing the equipment or making the modifications.