Transfer to another public housing property

If you think the public (social) housing property you're living in is not suitable or safe, you can ask to move to another one.

Talk to your landlord first

They'll be able to help with any property management issues, eg:

  • regular maintenance
  • modifications
  • dampness
  • mould
  • heating.

If you're not sure whether it's a property management issue, talk with your landlord about your situation.

  • Who can get a transfer

    You may be able to request a transfer if:

    • you've had a change in your situation that means:
      • you're now at risk, and
      • the property you're living in is not suitable or safe.

    For example, you've had an injury which means you can no longer get up the stairs.

    You'll also need to meet the criteria for public housing.

  • How to apply for a transfer

    Step 1 - Call us

    Call our Housing Assessment team on 0800 673 468

    They'll talk with you about your situation. If they think you may qualify for a transfer, they'll book a housing assessment phone interview for you.

    If they don't think you'll qualify, they can talk to you about other options, eg, whether your concerns could be addressed by Citizens Advice Bureau or your landlord. If you still want to attend an interview, you can.

    Step 2 - Attend an interview

    The interview will be over the phone and take about an hour. They’ll:

    • talk with you about your situation and the type of housing you need
    • confirm you meet the criteria for public housing.

    You'll need to tell them at least 3 areas where you could move to so you can be matched to a suitable property.

    Documents you may need to provide

    We may also ask you to gather some documents and drop them off to one of our service centres. We'll let you know what documents you need to get.

    Step 3 - Wait for a property

    If you qualify for public housing, you’ll go on the social housing register. The register has details of everyone who's applied for public housing as well as those who want to transfer to another property.

    The register will be passed onto housing providers who will let you know when a suitable property becomes available. This may mean that you could be offered a property by a different provider to what you have now.