Car repairs

If your car needs to be fixed, we may be able to help.


  • You must be getting a benefit.
  • You'll have to pay the money back.
  • Who can get it

    You may get help if you:

    • are 16 or over (if you're 16-19 and have a Youth Service provider, contact Youth Services)
    • are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
    • normally live in New Zealand and intend to stay here
    • are getting a benefit
    • have an immediate or essential need
    • need the car for you, your partner or children
    • need the car because of either:
      • a health condition
      • disability
      • employment
      • lack of access to public transport
    • or your partner own the car.

    It also depends on:

    • how much you and your partner earn
    • any money or assets you and your partner have.

    Income limits

    If you are: Weekly income before tax is less than Annual income before tax is less than
    single, 16-17 years $514.41 $26,749.32
    single, 18+ years $591.20 $30,742.40
    married, civil union or de facto couple (with or without children) $858.72 $44,653.44
    sole parent (1 child) $717.40 $37,304.80
    sole parent (2+ children) $755.82 $39,302.64

    Asset limits

    These don't include what you need for day-to-day living, eg your home or your car. They do include money in the bank, or things like a caravan or a second property.

    If you are: Your assets are worth less than
    single $1,126.21
    married, civil union or de facto couple (with or without children) or sole parent $1,876.56
  • What you can get

    Generally we can pay up to $400 to help with some car repairs.

    We don't usually pay for

    Standard car costs, eg:

    • fuel
    • warrant of fitness
    • car insurance
    • car registration
    • regular servicing costs.
  • How to apply

    You need to call us on 0800 559 009

    We'll talk with you to understand your situation and how we can help. We'll let you know what information you need to provide and how to get this to us.