Continuing pre-school childcare

If you're getting childcare payments for your child and they haven't started school yet, your payments are reviewed every 52 weeks.

Why payments are reviewed

We'll check if:

  • you still need childcare
  • your circumstances have changed
  • the correct childcare rate is being paid.


Your childcare payments may stop if you don't confirm this with us.

  • What you need to do

    We'll send you a review form a few weeks before the review is due.

    1. Complete the review form - even if you've updated your details for childcare recently.
    2. You'll also be sent a verification form - get the supervisor at your child's childcare provider to sign.
    3. You'll need to provide proof of any income you have - the form will tell you what to provide.
    4. Post the completed form to us (you'll find the address on the form) or you can email paperwork to us at
  • What happens next

    We'll let you know if your payments will continue for the next year. Or we may need to talk to you about your circumstances and changing your payments.


Contact us if you need help or more information.