Flexi-wage subsidy - employer information

If you're interested in hiring someone, and they need support to gain the required job skills, we may be able to help with in-work support, training or a wage contribution.

What's Flexi-wage

Flexi-wage is an employment programme that helps job seekers get the skills they need to meet the requirements of a job. Support can include training and in-work support (such as pastoral care) as well as a wage contribution. The job must continue after the Flexi-wage has finished.

Flexi-wage now provides more support for New Zealanders seeking work. You can read about the changes (effective from 15 February 2021) in our news section.

  • Who can get it

    You may be able to get Flexi-wage for someone you hire if:

    • they meet the ‘Who can get it’ criteria outlined in Flexi-wage job seeker information
    • the position is ongoing and will continue after the subsidy has finished
    • you pay at least the minimum wage for the job
    • you haven't dismissed anyone to make this position available.

    You may be able to get Flexi-wage to support an employee at risk of redundancy who you are able to employ in a different role within your business, while they gain the skills required to do that job.

  • What you can get

    We'll discuss with you the level of support the candidate needs to gain the skills to do the job, and whether it will be a Flexi-wage subsidy, training, in-work support (such as pastoral care) or a combination.

    Depending on the level of support the candidate needs, Flexi-wage may be paid for:

    • 24 weeks, at $276 a week, totalling $6,624 (GST inclusive), or
    • 36 weeks, at $276 a week, totalling $9,936 (GST inclusive).

    We have some discretion if the candidate has complex or specific needs. In addition, support is available for pre-employment or on-the-job training for people who need it. Our staff will work this through with you.

  • How to find out more

    If you're already working with us for your recruitment needs, ask about Flexi-wage.

    If you’re not currently working with us, complete this form and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss Flexi-wage.

    We'll aim to contact you within 5 working days.

  • The Flexi-wage process

    We can either help you find a suitable candidate or discuss the potential eligibility of someone you may already have in mind. We'll contact you to discuss the best way to help. We'll need to check that you and the candidate meet the criteria for Flexi-wage.

    If you choose to employ an eligible person, we'll help put the Flexi-wage in place.

    As part of this, we'll discuss:

    • subsidy amount
    • subsidy duration
    • payment structure.

    We'll then draft up a contract outlining these details and email it to you.

    To get Flexi-wage underway, you'll need to complete the contract and email it back to us along with proof of your bank account number.

  • What happens next

    If you participate in the Flexi-wage programme, we'll:

    • contact you regularly to see how things are going
    • send you claim forms every four weeks.

    We'll make sure you know how to claim the Flexi-wage each month.