Continuing childcare when your child's at school

If you want to keep getting childcare payments for before, after school and holiday care for your child, you need to confirm that with us every term.

How to tell us

We'll send you an Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) declaration form to complete about a month before the school term ends. Or you can download the form.

The form asks you to confirm your childcare arrangements, or let us know about any changes, eg, your child goes to after school care but now needs care in the holidays.

  1. Download the OSCAR declaration form
  1. Print the form and get your childcare provider to complete and sign the 'OSCAR Programme Supervisor to complete' section.
  2. Post the completed form to your local service centre or you can email paperwork to us at

If you can't print the form, contact us and we'll send one to you.

If your child is in more than one programme, you need to complete a declaration form for each.


Contact us if you need help or more information.