Managing your information

You can see and manage your information online in MyMSD or you can ask us for a copy of your file. You can also ask us to correct anything if it's not right.

Manage your information online

You can see and manage some of your information online, in MyMSD.

Ask to see your information

If you want to see your personal information, you can ask us for it. You can ask for any personal information we have, eg:

  • records of conversations we've had with you
  • applications you've made
  • documents you've provided to us.

This can take up to a month, depending on what you want to see.

We won't be able to give you any information that's not yours, eg if it's mixed up with someone else's like your partner's. If this happens, we'll let you know and explain why.

How to ask for your information

To ask us for your information, you need to visit your nearest service centre.

How we give you your information

It depends on what information you've asked us for and how you'd like to get it. We can:

  • email it to you
  • print it out for you to keep
  • print it out for you to see at your local service centre
  • show it to you on a computer at your local service centre
  • play it for you at your local service centre (if it's a recorded phone call)
  • summarise the content into a letter
  • tell you about it.

We'll let you know how we'll give your information and why we're giving it to you in this way.

  • Correcting your information

    If your information isn't correct, you can ask us to update it. If the change is:

    • straight-forward, eg we've spelt your name wrong, we can update that quickly and let you know when we've done it.
    • a bit more complicated, or we don't think the change you've asked for is right, you might need to write a statement of correction.

    A statement of correction is a letter telling us:

    • what you are correcting
    • what information isn't correct
    • why the information isn't correct.

    We'll attach your statement of correction to the original information so that they can be read together.

    How to correct your information

    To correct your information, you need to either: