Large scale emergency

If you or your family have been affected by an emergency we may be able to offer assistance. We may be able to support clean-up projects after an event by providing subsidies or volunteers.

Government Helpline


In a large scale emergency, the Government Helpline may be activated. Call this helpline for information about the services and assistance available to affected people.

You may be offered services such as:

  • emergency assistance
  • victim support
  • tax relief
  • Emergency assistance

    There are a number of payments that can help you in, and after, an emergency. Not all of them are listed below so if you need financial assistance please contact us.

    Remember, that to get help when you've been affected by an emergency:

    • you don't have to be on a benefit
    • a civil defence emergency doesn't need to be declared.
  • Extra help in a civil defence emergency

    If you've been affected by an emergency that's been declared a civil defence emergency, you may be able to get a Civil Defence Payment as well as our normal assistance.

  • Help with clean-up projects

    After an event we can help the community get back on its feet by providing workers to help clean-up the mess.

  • Contact us

    Everyone's situation is different. We're here to help if you need it. We may be able to offer extra assistance during or after an emergency.

    Contact us if you:

    • would like assistance
    • aren't sure if you can get assistance
    • are struggling to support yourself or your family
    • would like more information.