Payment schedules for childcare centres and OSCAR providers

Payment schedules provide details of subsidies paid to you on behalf of the parent or caregiver. Subsidies are paid each week in arrears and in respect of children who qualify for a Childcare or OSCAR subsidy.


Payment schedules are sent by email or post (not both) every Saturday.

When you registered your details with us, you chose to get your payment schedules by post or email. Your first payment schedule will be sent to you in the post. This will contain:

  • your 9 digit Work and Income service number (SWN)
  • the name of your centre or programme (as shown in our system).

If you chose to get your payment schedules by email, the second and subsequent payment schedules will be emailed to you.

  • Change how you get your payment schedule

    If you want to change how you get your payment schedule, or change the email address it's sent to, complete the Online payment schedule email request form and return it to the email address provided on the form.

    We'll let you know when the change has been made. If more information is needed, we'll contact you about this before we make any changes.

  • Getting your payment schedules by email

    When you receive schedules by email, they'll be attached as a PDF and will be password protected. Your password is your programme or service's SWN number and should be entered in the following format: 123-456-789.

    If you have more than one childcare service or OSCAR programme, there will be separate emails for each service or programme.

    Payment schedule hasn't arrived

    The payment schedule should arrive every Saturday. If it hasn't:

    • the security attached to the email address may have stopped you receiving the email or sent it directly to a spam folder. To fix this, add the payment schedule 'from' email address to your trusted senders list - Please check your spam folder before contacting us about this.
    • an email change or cancellation request has not yet been processed - you can contact us

    If email schedules are unavailable, your payment schedule will automatically be sent by post for that week.

  • Privacy reminder

    Because your agency holds personal information about MSD clients, you must ensure you meet the storage and security of personal information requirements of Principle 5 of the Privacy Act 1993. For more information go to: