Enhanced Taskforce Green

If there's been an emergency event that's caused significant damage, eg earthquake or flood, the Government may approve an Enhanced Taskforce Green work programme to help with clean-up and recovery.

Local councils may engage with Work and Income to make appropriate arrangements for ETFG workers and supervisors to assist with clean-up projects.

These workers will be job seekers who could be receiving a benefit, or they could be students, or workers displaced from their jobs because of the emergency event – such as farm or factory workers.

What costs will be covered by ETFG?

ETFG assistance may cover the costs of:

  • wages for workers
  • wages for supervisors
  • the purchase of personal safety gear
  • the hire of light equipment (not including heavy machinery hire) and transport, eg:
    • chainsaws
    • vans
    • four-wheel-drive vehicles
  • a start-up grant for local authorities to assist with administration costs.
  • Work and Income's role in ETFG

    Work and Income is responsible for the following:

    • liaising with affected councils and the Ministry for Primary Industries
    • ensuring the ETFG funding proposal fits with the work programme
    • processing applications
    • identifying suitable workers
    • providing identified workers with financial assistance (including Working for Families Assistance information)
    • monitoring and tracking expenditure
  • A council's role within ETFG

    A council needs to complete the required application forms, submit them to Work and Income and then:

    • organise Site Safe Certificate training for each ETFG worker
    • paying ETFG workers and supervisors
    • purchase and/or hire safety gear and equipment, including:
      • boots
      • gloves
      • overalls
      • hi-visibility vests
      • helmets
      • earmuffs
      • protective eye wear
      • chaps
      • wet weather gear
    • oversee the day-to-day management of the work programme.

    Relevant programme costs will be covered by an upfront lump sum payment by way of a contract with MSD.

  • ETFG workers

    Each ETFG work crew will be accompanied by a supervisor. Crews will assist with clean-up activities, eg:

    • fence clearance and repair
    • tree and debris removal on:
      • farms
      • marae
      • orchards
      • parks
      • reserves.

    ETFG crew workers are paid the adult minimum hourly wage for a 40 hour week. ETFG supervisors are paid at a higher hourly rate.

  • Employment disputes

    Anyone who expresses concerns regarding the conduct of ETFG workers should be directed to their relevant council for resolution as the council is the employer.


For more information, or the current rates of ETFG worker and supervisor payments, call us on 0800 559 009