Re-apply for Sole Parent Support

If you're getting Sole Parent Support and you still need it after 52 weeks, you have to re-apply. The easiest way to do this is online.

How to re-apply

You'll get a letter and notification in MyMSD 4 weeks before you need to reapply for Sole Parent Support.

You need to:

  • log in to MyMSD
  • select the notification
  • complete the online re-application form.

You may need to talk with us. MyMSD will let you know if you need to do this.

If you can't use MyMSD, call us and we'll:

  • book an appointment for you
  • complete the re-application form with you at your appointment
  • let you know if there are any other documents you need to provide.
  • What happens next

    Once you submit your form, you'll get a page that confirms your re-application has been submitted successfully. It also tells you:

    • to book an appointment, if you haven't already
    • what supporting documents you'll need to provide.

    If we need any supporting documents, eg proof of your income, you'll need to either:

    • drop them off to your local service centre, or
    • upload or email them, contact us to find out how to do this, or
    • bring them with you to your appointment, if it's at a service centre.

    Your appointment

    During your appointment we'll talk with you about:

    • work you've done before
      • what you enjoyed
      • what you didn't enjoy
    • the types of jobs or training you're interested in
    • other skills or experience you have
    • what you've done to look for work
    • how we can help you look for work.