Problems with your Payment Card

How to troubleshoot issues with your Payment Card

Declined transactions

Some of the reasons why a transaction might be declined are:

The payment has expired.

Some payment balances only last for 7 days.

You can see Payment Card balances and expiry dates through MyMSD

You'll need to call us, say ‘Payment Card’ when you are asked to say why you're calling.

The amount being spent is more than the amount available.

Reduce the amount being spent.

Retailer not registered.

Retailers need to be registered with us before the Payment Card can be used on their EFTPOS machines.

Card problems

Call us immediately if:

  • you can't find your card (if you think it's lost or stolen)
  • you think someone else might have used your card without first agreeing it with you
  • your card isn't working
  • your card is broken or snapped.

Say ‘Payment Card’ when you are asked to say why you're calling.

Cancelled and expired cards

A payment card may be cancelled if it has been damaged or lost. Once a card is cancelled it can no longer be used. Some payment cards will also expire after a set amount of time, and once it expires it can no longer be used. The expiry date will be written on the card.

You can view the transactions on cancelled or expired cards for the past 6 months.

If you're applying for a payment and need a new payment card to load this onto, please call us to talk about how we can get a card to you.