Using your Payment Card

Using your Payment Card to pay for goods and services.

Payment cards are an easy way for you to pay for goods and services from shops that accept them. They work like an Eftpos card, and once your payment's been approved, we'll confirm with you that the money's been loaded onto the card and it's ready to use.

You need to make sure you:

  • spend the money within 7 days from when it's loaded onto the card. This period was extended from the usual 3 days in response to COVID-19
  • use the card at a store that's registered with us to accept payment cards
  • only spend the amount of money on your card.

If you don't spend the full amount on your card, you can't get cash out for the rest. You also can't get vouchers or gift cards for the rest.

  • What you can buy with your card

    It’s important to use your payment card to buy essential items only such as food, petrol, clothing - it depends what you've applied for, and you can talk to a Work and Income staff member about this.

    Payment Cards can’t be used for non-essential items like:

    • alcohol
    • cigarettes
    • tobacco
    • gift cards
    • vouchers (this excludes phone top-ups)
    • lotto tickets
    • non-essential appliances (such as an air fryer), or
    • non-essential electronics (such as a gaming console).
  • How to use the card

    Process for using a payment card.
      1. Select your item and head to the checkout.
      2. Swipe the payment card through the EFTPOS terminal.
      3. Select the CHQ option on the terminal keypad.
      4. Enter the last 4 digits of the payment card number when you're asked for a PIN.
      5. If you haven’t spent all the money, you can go to another enrolled store, and repeat this process.
        • Cash or change can't be given. The payment card pays the exact amount of the goods or services.
  • Youth Services clients

    Items that can be bought

    A range of items can be bought by you on a Payment Card through Youth Service. This includes:

      • food and grocery items
      • public transport passes
      • pre-paid power cards
      • education and training related items, eg stationery
      • healthcare related items, eg medication costs
      • basic clothing, eg socks
      • basic appliances, eg electric jug
      • basic household items, eg plates/plastic food containers.

    Where you can use your card

    You can use your payment card to buy approved items, as long as:

      • the store you're going to is registered with us to accept payment cards
      • you don’t try to spend more money than is available
      • you’re only buying the item that’s been approved.

    You can use your payment card at registered food suppliers.