Working in forestry

Find out about working in forestry and how you can get a job in this area.

New Zealand's forestry industry is growing fast and has lots of job and career opportunities.


Forestry planting jobs are available now!

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Types of forestry jobs

There are lots of different jobs, including:

  • preparing the ground
  • planting
  • pruning and thinning
  • selecting and cutting down trees
  • using harvesting machinery
  • operating loaders
  • cutting and grading logs
  • maintaining equipment.

Some jobs are permanent and others are seasonal.

You can also earn while you learn with apprenticeships and other qualifications.

Find out more about roles in forestry and planting, by watching this YouTube video on the Forestry Careers website:

Planting jobs

  • What you need

    What you need for planting jobs

    You need to be fit and willing to work outdoors.

    Usually you don't need any extra skills or experience - you'll get training on the job.

    You'll also need to:

    • be safety conscious,
    • be practical
    • be reliable and punctual
    • work well in a team
    • be drug free (you'll be asked to do a pre-employment drug test).

    The employer will provide transport to and from the forest site.

  • How much you'll earn

    This depends on your employer and the job. Some jobs are paid by the hour and others are paid a piece rate (a set amount for each tree you plant). But you'll get at least the minimum wage.

    If you're productive and experienced, you should be planting between 600-1200 trees a day.

  • How to apply

    You can either:

    • apply for a permanent job using our online database 'Find a Job'
    • call us on 0800 779 009 or
    • visit your nearest Work and Income office.