Your skills and the labour market

You might find it challenging to find work in your area of training or interest. While searching for your dream job, why not use your existing skills and gain experience in other industries. Sometimes the best opportunities are where you least expect them.

Travel and make a difference

Have an adventure in your own backyard. Work your way around NZ by working on farms, in vineyards, orchards and forests. Take your pick!

Not sure what's next?

If you're at a crossroads, there are lots of opportunities out there that could open other avenues and help you discover the right path for you. Whether its career, health or wellbeing guidance, check out some options to help you find your way.

Other job opportunities

Check out these job search websites. They might help to get you thinking about industries you may not have thought of.

More job opportunities

You can get free career advice by calling on 0800 601 301. You can talk to a professional career expert over the phone. They can help you to:

  • Make a personalised career plan
  • Gain confidence
  • Find work or training.

Call them for more information or to book your first session. They are available from 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.