Job search tips

If you're looking for work, here are some tips to help you with your job search.

Tips for your job hunt

  • Talk to people who are working in the area you're interested in. They will be able to tell you about their job.
  • Be professional in your job seeking. Pay attention to how you look and how you come across to the people you approach.
  • Keep a record of who you have seen and remember to follow-up on job leads.
  • Contact us regularly as we may need to refer you to jobs that need to be filled quickly.
  • Finding job leads

    Once you have a lead you need to follow up by calling or visiting the employer. Here's how to go about it:

    • have your Curriculum Vitae (CV) handy
    • think about what you want to say and be ready for questions
    • if you're calling make sure it's quiet
    • if you're visiting wear clean, suitable clothes
    • introduce yourself and ask for the name and title of the person who does the hiring
    • ask to speak to that person, address them by their name and introduce yourself
    • when you meet in person, look them in the eye and shake hands firmly
    • use your contacts, for example 'Fiona who works for you suggested I call'
    • say briefly why you are calling and give basic information about your skills
    • ask if they have time to talk now - or if you can make an appointment
    • ask if they have any work coming up or if they can give you any leads
    • thank them and ask if you can call again
    • leave them a copy of your CV or if you've phoned, follow up with a letter and your CV.

    Keep a job leads diary and make sure you follow up on any possible job opportunity. Use the one in the Finding job leads work sheet to help you work through your job leads. It is also a good way of keeping a record of who you have seen or contacted, their contact details and a follow-up action to what you should do next.

  • What employers look for

    New Zealand employers look for the following qualities in a successful job applicant:

    • positive attitude
    • reliability
    • motivation
    • ability to work as part of a team
    • presentation
    • confidence
    • employment history
    • work related skills
    • industry experience
    • previous training
    • qualifications.