Family Violence Intervention Programme

The Family Violence Intervention Programme enhances Work and Income's response to people who are experiencing family violence.


Call the Police on 111 if you are in immediate danger.

  • Benefits of the Family Violence Intervention Programme

    The programme recognises that New Zealand has a very high rate of family violence and that many victims are clients of Work and Income. Service centres are an excellent point of contact to identify and support people in this situation.

    By providing a skilled client response, closely linked into existing local family violence service providers, we can make a significant contribution to reducing family violence and promoting the safety and wellbeing of people and their families.

    We have developed strong working relationships with other government agencies and community-based family violence service providers to support people affected by family violence.

  • How the programme works

    Our case managers have been trained to identify and respond appropriately to people who are living in or leaving violent family situations.

    Family Violence Response Co-ordinators have been appointed in each region to provide support to case managers and liaise with local support services.

    The programme ensures that our staff:

    • have a greater awareness of the effects of family violence and the barriers victims face to participating fully in the community
    • provide a safe and sensitive environment for clients experiencing family violence
    • develop close links with local family violence service agencies
    • are able to refer clients to appropriate support services.

    The programme is available to anyone affected by family violence. People wanting help to stop using violence will also be referred to support services.

  • Family violence prevention resources

    Resources are available through the Family Violence - It's Not OK website. Most of their resources can be downloaded or ordered for free, and delivery is free within New Zealand. Their resources have information on:

    • how to get help
    • how to spot warning signs
    • family violence statistics
    • what the community can do to help
    • information for businesses (eg. helping and supporting your staff)
    • how children, elderly and disabled people are affected by violence and abuse

    Some resources are also available in other languages.

  • Where to go for help

    If you're experiencing, using or witnessing family violence you can do something about it.

    Some of your options are:

    • Call 111 if someone is in immediate danger
    • Call The Family Violence Information Line: 0800 456 450
      The Family Violence Information Line can put you in touch with organisations in your area who can help. It is available seven days a week, from 9am to 11pm.
    • Contact us. You can call us or visit one of our service centres. We can provide you with information about local family violence support services or stopping-violence services so you can get support.
  • Forced marriage

    Here you will find information about the Multi-Agency Statement - Collaborative Response to Potential and Forced Marriage.

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