What to provide when you apply for Youth Payment/Young Parent Payment

When you apply for a benefit or other help from us, you need to prove who you are and that what you've told us is true.


You must provide original documents or certified true copies. If you can't get a document certified right now, we'll talk to you about alternative options.

A list of what you need to provide can also be found on the 'next steps' page after you submit an online application.

  • Identification

    You must provide 2 forms of identification.

    You'll need to provide 2 forms of Government issued ID. What you can provide depends on whether you were born in New Zealand or overseas.

    Documents must be current, or if expired, no more than two years old.

    • Born in New Zealand - 2 forms of Government issued documentation stating your full legal name and date of birth, eg:
    • Born overseas - evidence of your lawful residence in New Zealand, eg:
      • New Zealand passport
      • other country passport with residence class visa or residence permit
      • citizenship certificate.

    If you can't provide 2 Government issued IDs, you can provide one Government issued ID and one other document supporting your identity, eg:

    • bank statement
    • phone or power account bill
    • Kiwi Access card (18+).

    Non-government issued documents that prove your identity must be no more than six months old.

    If you can't provide all the necessary documents, or you'e not sure if you've got the right ones, talk to us about this during your appointment.

  • Supporting Documents

    It's important that you provide the following so we can process your application and determine your eligibility and entitlement:

    Details of your housing costs - such as a tenancy agreement or a letter from the person you board with. We'll also need the bank account details of your landlord so that we can pay them directly.

    Details of your living costs - this includes utilities (eg electricity and phone), and debts. You'll need to provide full payment details (eg a copy of a bill).

    Confirmation of your circumstances

    • a letter from your school that confirms that you're enrolled as a full-time secondary school student, or
    • a medical certificate (if you are unwell) from your health practitioner about your condition and how it affects your ability to work, attend training or go to school.

    Full birth certificates for your child (or children) (if applicable)

    You must also provide the following to complete your application:

    Evidence of your bank account(s) numbers - such as a bank statement, screenshot of your online banking (showing your name, account number and the bank's logo), or deposit slip

    Evidence of any name changes - you need your marriage certificate or deed poll papers.

    Evidence of your last pay and all income for the last 52 weeks - such as payslips, bank statements, or a letter from your employer(s). By income we mean any income you (and your partner) get from any source, such as from work, regular insurance payments like ACC, investments, interest, business income, private pension, rent or boarders.

  • Additional information required for specific benefits

    You'll also need to provide the following if you're applying for:

    Childcare assistance

    • evidence of your work, course, study and number of hours eg confirmation of study.

    Disability-related benefits

    If applicable, you need to provide:

    • evidence of any costs relating to your disability
    • medical reports from your specialist
    • assessments from Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination (NASC) agencies
    • Special Education assessments
    • Work and Income Medical Certificate or Disability Certificate [PDF, 64KB] completed by your health practitioner.
  • If you have a spouse/partner

    Provide the following for your spouse/partner:

    • 2 forms of identification, eg, birth certificate, passport or driver licence
    • evidence of any name change, eg, deed poll or marriage or civil union certificate
    • evidence of their bank account details, eg. a bank statement, screenshot of their online banking (showing their name, account number and the bank's logo), or deposit slip
    • their gross income details (eg, weekly gross wage and gross holiday pay) for the 52 week period immediately before the application.


Contact us if there's anything on the list you're not sure about, don't have or will have some delay in providing.