Help completing an online form for a benefit or NZ Super

Help to complete your online form for a benefit or NZ Super

Find your saved or submitted online application

Logged out or timed out of Apply Online

If you stay on the same page for 3 minutes without doing anything, a message will display asking if you want to "Stay logged in?"

If you don't select "Stay logged in" within 2 minutes, you'll be logged out and taken to the MyMSD logout screen.

You'll need to log back in again to complete your application.

Help in answering some questions

If you want help with a question, you can click on the blue question mark next to the question. This is the 'Help' button.

  • Can't continue to the next page of the application

    If you select 'Next' on a page and you can't get to the next page, you may have either:

    • not answered the 'required' questions
    • typed in characters that can't be accepted (eg, no extra spaces or symbols), or
    • ticked a box after a question to add more information (but you haven't added it), eg past employment information.

    You need to either:

    • answer the 'required' questions
    • check any error messages on the page and correct the error, or
    • un-tick the box after the question if you don't have more information to add (or add the information).
  • Entering contact numbers

    On the page where you enter your contact details, there will be 4 boxes for each phone number where you need to enter info:

    • Country code
    • Area code
    • Phone number
    • Phone extension

    Don't include any brackets (), dash or hyphens.

  • Entering income

    Enter the income amount in the NZ dollar value without any symbols, eg 500.25. The '$' symbol is already displayed for you so you don't need to enter this.

    If you enter letters, extra spaces or symbols (eg a dollar sign), you'll get an error and won't be able to continue to the next page.

    If your income changes from week to week, give us an average. For example, the average of your last 4 weeks pay.

  • Entering your bank account number

    The Co-operative Bank

    The Co-operative Bank has the same prefix as the BNZ. Select 02- BNZ as your account prefix.

    Credit unions

    Credit unions will have given you an account number for the bank they use. Use this bank account number, not your credit union customer number. If you don't have this bank account number, contact your Credit Union.

    Invalid bank account number

    Please check your account number against your bank statement through online banking or by calling your bank.

  • Questions referring to "you and/or your partner" when you've indicated you're not in a relationship

    Unfortunately questions have to apply to both single and people who are in a relationship. If you’re single, you can ignore the reference to a partner.

  • Partner is not a NZ resident or is not working in NZ

    If your partner doesn't have an Inland Revenue number or bank account, enter your details instead and discuss this with your case manager at your appointment.

  • Error messages

    You may get an error message that says "An error has occurred and you cannot process the form at this time. Logout and try again later."

    These errors will have an error code at the start, eg UA-6501.

    If you call us to talk about the error, give us the error code. It will help us when looking into the error.

  • Still need help?

    If you need more help with our Online Services, contact us