Where to find your saved or submitted online application

How you find your saved or submitted online form.


We're no longer using RealMe for applications. The last date to submit an application in RealMe was 30 June 2020.

If you started an application in RealMe but didn't submit it by 30 June, you'll need to start a new application in MyMSD.

Log into MyMSD

You'll need to log back into MyMSD.

If there's:

  • a 'Current applications' heading on the home page, it means you've submitted your online form.
  • no 'Current applications' heading, it means you've just saved your form.
  • Find your submitted online form

    To find your submitted form, select:

    • 'Current applications' on the MyMSD home page
    • 'Application for financial assistance'.

    This will open your form in PDF format.

  • Find your saved online form

    To find your saved online form, select:

    • 'Apply' on the home page
    • 'Continue with a saved application'.

    You'll see the application that you've saved.

    If you want to continue your form, select 'Continue' again. You'll start again from your last completed page.

Need to make changes

Once you've submitted your online application form, you won't be able to change your answers.

If you need to make changes, call us - you may need to complete a new online form depending on your changes.


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