Providing industry training

If you can deliver an industry-related training course for Work and Income job seekers, we may be able to assist with funding.


  • Contract with us to up-skill job seekers
  • Help employers fill their workforce gaps
  • Help build a skilled workforce of New Zealanders
  • What are industry training providers?

    Industry training providers offer programmes for unemployed job seekers to assist them to up-skill for a particular industry. They support industry and employers by planning programmes to help fill upcoming skill gaps.

    Usually they work closely with employer groups to tailor training to the requirements of the industry, and are required to help clients get work at the end of the training.

  • Work and Income's role

    We work with industry to find out about upcoming labour needs. Sometimes we contract training providers to deliver training courses for Work and Income job seekers to prepare them for a specific labour market. An example is when we contract a provider to deliver training in hospitality or retail positions we know come up at certain time of the year, like barista training, or being a retail store assistant.

    Sometimes we identify training that will help our clients to become more work-ready in general, for instance, progressing their driver licence status, and contract trainers to up-skill our clients.

  • Becoming a training provider with Work and Income

    If your organisation provides industry training and you're not already working with us, contact us to find out whether we have a need for your services at present.