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    What it's about

    ALLA0002 Apr 2021 Help with childcare costs Information about subsidy options for childcare assistance.
    ALLA0005 Apr 2021 Community Service Card Helping you with the costs of health care.
    ALLA0010 Jun 2021 Are you moving overseas? A guide to what happens with your benefit when you move overseas.
    ALLA0011 Oct 2019 Relationships and income assistance Things you need to know about relationships when getting income assistance
    ALLA0014 Apr 2021 Disability Assistance Help when living with a disability.
    ALLA0016 Jul 2013 Managing your money This booklet tells you what budgeting is about and the types of help you may be able to get to help you manage your money better.
    ALLA0021 Jan 2014 Disability Allowance - record of counselling A card to keep a record of your visits to your counsellor.
    ALLA0030 Jul 2021 Help when you're caring for someone else's child A guide for people who are raising someone else's child and giving them a home.
    ALLA0034 Feb 2021 A Guide for Carers Practical help for people supporting family or friends who are older and need assistance, or who have a health condition, a disability, an injury or mental health, alcohol and drug issues.
    ALLA100 Mar 2019 How we can help A guide to help from Work and Income
    ALLA122 Apr 2021 Winter Energy Payment A payment to help with the cost of keeping your home warm over the winter months.
    ALLA130 Jul 2021 Help if you've lost your job If you've lost your job or can't work at the moment you may be able to get a benefit or some other financial help from us.
    ALLA131 Feb 2021 Fraud and investigations Information about fraud investigations and how we investigate them.
    EMPL0003 May 2021 Help to find and train great people Quick, easy, no-cost recruitment options for employers
    EMPL1040 Jul 2020 Mana in Mahi A brochure of Mana in Mahi information for employers
    EMPL1041 Jul 2020 Mana in Mahi A brochure of Mana in Mahi information for clients
    JOBS0005 Jul 2021 Need extra help with costs A guide to allowance and extra payments for people on a benefit
    JOBS0009 Nov 2014 Seasonal work and how we can help Information about the different types of seasonal work available, where and what you'll gain if you take it up.
    JOBS0012 Jul 2021 Help when you’re working A guide for people who are working, or starting work.
    JOBS111 Apr 2021 Help to get you working A brochure about Jobseeker Support
    JOBS112 Apr 2021 Help to independence A brochure about Sole Parent Support
    JOBS113 Apr 2021 Help when you need it A brochure about Supported Living Payment
    LSV005 Jun 2019 Limited Service Volunteer for employers Give a young person a fresh start
    LSV010 Apr 2019 Limited Service Volunteer for participants Get a fresh start on The LSV Training Course
    LSV011 Apr 2019 Limited Service Volunteer for participants Get a fresh start on The LSV Training Course
    LSV012 Apr 2019 Limited Service Volunteer for participants Get a fresh start on The LSV Training Course
    MSDDL-Translation Our commitment to you Our commitment brochure - in 12 languages
    SDO111 Jan 2018 How to apply for a benefit online MyMSD login flowchart.
    SDO119 Nov 2016 MYMSD - Get online, not in line A quick guide to help you declare your wages online using MyMSD.
    SDO126 Jul 2019 How to apply for NZ Super The easy way to apply for NZ Super on our website, and the MyMSD login flowchart.
    SHA012 Nov 2020 Help with housing Help to pay your rent, housing or moving costs, or when you have nowhere to live.
    SHA330 Oct 2020 Find the right tenant for your property A free service to connect property managers and landlords with motivated people who need help to get a home.
    SUPE0005 Jul 2021 Residential Care Subsidy and Residential Care Loan Financial assistance for people in rest homes or hospitals.
    SUPE0006 Feb 2016 Payment options for overseas pensions A guide for people who qualify for a benefit or pension from overseas.
    SUPE0200 Apr 2015 Extra Help for Seniors A quick guide showing what extra help may be available for people getting NZ Super or Veteran's Pension.
    SUPE100 Jul 2021 Services for Seniors This brochure contains a summary of the services we offer older people.