Residential Support Subsidy

Residential Support Subsidy is a payment that helps with the cost of residential support for a person with a physical, sensory, intellectual, psychiatric disability (including drug and alcohol rehabilitation) or long-term chronic health condition who needs residential care as a result.


The Residential Support Subsidy is paid to the residential service provider by the Ministry of Health to help with the cost of residential care.

  • Who can get it

    You may get a Residential Support Subsidy if:

    • you are assessed as needing residential care
    • you need this care because of your physical, sensory, intellectual, psychiatric disability drug and alcohol or disabling chronic health condition
    • your disability is not age-related.
  • How much you can get

    This depends on your circumstances. Most of your benefit or pension goes to the care provider to help pay for your care. You keep a personal allowance.

  • How to apply

    Your care provider will apply for a Residential Support Subsidy for you.

    You can talk to us on 0800 999 779 or email us at

  • What else you can get

    Community Costs

    This is a weekly payment to help people in a short-term residential treatment programme. It helps with ongoing and essential community costs, like storage or accommodation, that someone might still have while they're getting treatment.

    Disability Allowance

    Disability Allowance is a weekly payment to help someone meet the regular, ongoing costs they have because of their disability, illness, or medical condition. It can help with costs like doctors’ visits, medication, or travel.

    Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) services

    NASC services are organisations contracted by the Ministry of Health.

    They help people with disabilities, their carers, and whānau get support and services.


This information is a guide only.

Contact us to talk about your individual circumstances.