Telling us about changes

You need to let us know straight away about any changes that could affect your payments.

Using MyMSD

You can use MyMSD to tell us about changes to your:

  • contact details
  • accommodation costs
  • relationship status.

Going overseas

If you're going overseas, you need to let us know as it may affect your payments, eg:

  • you or your partner go to live in another country or you are planning to travel overseas for longer than 26 weeks
  • your intentions change while you're travelling, eg, if you decide to live in another country or that you'll no longer be back in New Zealand within 26 weeks.

It is also very important to let someone you trust know your travel plans so they can let us know if something happens to you while you're away and you can't contact us.

Other changes

You also need to let us know if you have any other changes eg:

  • if you or your partner start receiving a social security based pension from any country other than New Zealand
  • your tax code
  • any other income you earn.