Pension or Superannuation scheme payments

If you get an overseas pension, regular or one-off payment from a superannuation scheme you need to tell us about it as it may affect your benefit. This does not include NZ Super.

What is this?

You need to tell us if you receive a regular payment from any pension or superannuation scheme as it will affect your benefit.

This includes:

  • overseas pensions
  • New Zealand Government Superannuation schemes
  • other registered superannuation schemes.


This does not include NZ Super payments.

How to tell us

You need to contact us

Lump sum payment from a superannuation scheme

Your benefit won't be affected if your super scheme is registered and has a lock-in clause. The clause stops you accessing the money until you reach a certain age, or you leave the employer which set up the scheme.

Once you access the money and use this to live on, your benefit will be affected. If you invest the money and earn interest, this will be counted as income and you have to tell us about it.


If you need more information or want to discuss this in more detail contact us