Gifts that provide a regular income

If you get regular payments from money or assets you've received as a gift you need to let us know. The amount you get will affect your benefit. If you don't tell us we may not pay you enough. Or we may pay you too much and you'll have to pay the debt back.

Payment details

A one-off gift of cash, rental property or personal property won't affect your benefit. But if you get regular gifts of cash, goods or services then we'll treat this as income and your benefit will be affected.


You are given $100 a week by a family member to help out with food and bills. As this is a regular payment you need to tell us about it.

If you hold onto the cash gift and you are getting extra help from us, this may be affected. Extra help includes:

  • Accommodation Supplement
  • Temporary Additional Support
  • Special Benefit.

If you invest the money and earn interest, this will be counted as income and you have to tell us about it.

How to tell us

You need to contact us