ACC Payments

If you get certain types of payments from ACC you need to let us know. The amount and type of payment you get may affect your benefit.


If you don't tell us we may not pay you enough. Or we may pay you too much and you'll have to pay the debt back.

Payments you need to tell us about

You have to tell us about these ACC payments as they could affect your benefit:

  • weekly compensation
  • survivor's grant (regular or one-off)
  • childcare
  • ACC payments from private insurers
  • payments for attendant care, home help and rehabilitation services.

If you're getting ACC payments because of a sensitive claim, you need to tell us as it may affect your benefit entitlement. You do not need to tell us why you are getting this payment.

Payments you don't need to tell us about

You don't have to tell us about these types of ACC payments, but if you invest the money and earn interest, this will be counted as income and you have to tell us about it.

  • independence allowance
  • lump sum payments for impairment
    • This payment won't affect your benefit for the first 12 months. But after this time, if any of the money is invested, we will treat the interest you earn as income which will affect your benefit.
  • How to tell us

    The easiest way to tell us about your ACC payments is online, using MyMSD.

    • If you've already told us about your ACC payments, they will show in MyMSD and you can change this from the home screen.
    • If you haven't told us about them yet, you need to select 'Declare wages' and then 'Change other income'.

    You need to tell us:

    • how much the payment is before tax
    • when you're paid
    • how often you get this payment.

    The amount you declare will continue every week until you let us know it has stopped or changed.

    Keep us up to date

    If you don't tell us, we'll keep paying you the same benefit week after week. This could be too little or too much, and you could get into debt.


If you need more information or want to discuss this in more detail contact us