Emergency Benefit obligations

There are things you and your partner need to do when you're getting an Emergency Benefit. If you don't do them your benefit could reduce or stop.

You and your partner may also have other obligations that you've agreed to with your case manager. If you're unsure what these are, you can contact us.


  • Tell us if something changes

    You and your partner must tell us or your Contracted Service Provider (where you have one assigned to you) immediately if you:

    • have a change in work situation, eg, starting part-time, casual or full-time work, whether paid or unpaid
    • become self-employed or start to run a business
    • have changes to your income or financial circumstances
    • intend to travel overseas
    • start/finish part-time or full-time study
    • have changes to personal details, eg:
      • name
      • address
      • bank account
    • have changes to your living situation, eg:
      • marriage or separation
      • starting or ending a civil union
      • starting or ending a de facto relationship with someone of the same or opposite sex
      • change in the number of children supported
      • change in accommodation costs
    • are imprisoned/held in custody on remand
    • are admitted to or discharged from hospital
    • have been granted an overseas pension
    • have any other changes that may affect your benefit entitlement or rate.
  • If you don't meet your obligations

    If there's any reason why you or your partner can't meet your obligations, talk to us straight away.

    If you and your partner don't tell us about changes in your life that might affect your benefit entitlement, or rate, then:

    • your benefit may be reviewed and cancelled
    • you may have to pay back the total amount of any overpayment that you receive
    • we may impose a penalty (up to 3 times the value of the overpayment)
    • you may be prosecuted and fined, or imprisoned.

    You have the right to review or dispute any decision to reduce or stop your benefit.