Hire someone on a Supplementary Seasonal Employer (SSE) visa

If you're hiring someone on a SSE visa, the role they're filling must be a horticulture or viticulture role.

These should be short-term roles where there are not enough New Zealanders available.

You can hire someone on a SSE visa into these roles if you either:

  • have approved SSE Approval in Principle (AIP)
  • are a Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) with an approved Agreement to Recruit (ATR), or
  • are filling a role in a Ministry of Social Development (MSD) region that's specified by us (see below).

Roles specified by us

You can check if your role is specified by us using our tool.

  • Select the button to use our tool below.
  • Enter the street address/location of the job in the search bar.
  • Select the search icon.

We'll tell you what roles you're able to fill in your MSD region during which time periods.

You can hire someone with an SSE visa if:

  • your role is listed in your MSD region
  • your role works with the produce listed
  • you're starting and finishing the role during the period of time listed.

Otherwise, you'll need to find a New Zealander to fill the role.