What to provide when you apply for one-off help 

When you apply for a benefit or other help from us, you need to prove who you are and that what you've told us is true.


You must provide original documents or certified true copies. If you can't get a document certified right now, we'll talk to you about alternative options.

  • Evidence of who you are

    Getting an on-going payment (eg benefit, NZ Super) from us

    • One form of identification, eg:
      • passport
      • driver licence
      • student ID
      • community services card.

    Not currently getting a payment from us

    Government issued ID

    You need to provide 2 Government issued IDs that show your full legal name and date of birth:

    Born in New Zealand Born overseas
    • New Zealand passport
    • other country passport showing your residence class visa or residence permit
    • citizenship certificate


    One of the above Government Issued IDs, and one document supporting your identity, eg:

    • bank statement
    • phone or power account bill
    • Kiwi Access card (18+)
    • verification of your income eg. payslips
    • verification of your assets eg bank statement.

    and if applicable:

    • evidence of any of your assets that can earn income
    • details of your business income or trusts (if self-employed).
  • Information relating to the urgent need

    To process your application and determine your eligibility and entitlement, you may need to show us evidence of costs from a retailer for the goods or services you need (not required for food or petrol). We'll let you know if you need to do this.

    If you have a spouse/partner

    You must provide the same information about them.


Contact us:

  • to talk about your circumstances and we'll explain how we can help
  • if there's anything on the list you're not sure about, don't have or will have some delay in providing.