What to provide when you apply for New Zealand Superannuation

When you apply for NZ Super, you need to prove who you are and what you've told us is true. You can upload these documents when you make your online application.


You must provide original documents or certified true copies If you can't get a document certified right now, we'll talk to you about alternative options.

If you apply online, a list of the documents you need to provide can be found on the 'Next Steps' page after you submit your online application. You can provide these when you apply online through MyMSD.

Any delay in providing these documents could result in a delay in paying you, or your application being cancelled.

What you need to provide

  • Online application reference number

    If you apply online, we'll issue you an application number when you submit your online form. Make a note of this.

  • Evidence of who you are

    You need to provide 2 forms of identification. You'll need to provide:

      • 2 Government issued IDs
      • If you don't have 2 Government issued IDs then you can provide one Government issued ID and one other document that proves your identity.

    If you have a partner they may need to provide these documents as well. This depends on whether you're applying for extra help, or if your partner is applying for a benefit. We'll tell you if your partner needs to provide anything when you make your application.

    If you’ve had a benefit before and have already provided Government issued ID, you don’t need to provide this evidence.

    Government issued ID

    The types of documents we'll need depend on whether you were born in New Zealand or overseas.

    Documents must be current, or if expired, no more than two years old.

    Born in New Zealand Born overseas
    • NZ passport
    • Drivers licence
    • Firearms licence
    • NZ birth certificate
    • New Zealand name change certificate
    • New Zealand passport
    • Other country passport showing your residence class visa or residence permit
    • Citizenship certificate

    Other documents that prove your identity

    These can be documents such as:

    • marriage certificate
    • tax assessment
    • rates notice
    • bank statement
    • mortgage papers
    • insurance policy
    • doctor's bill
    • school leaving certificate
    • phone or power account bill
    • hire purchase agreement
    • Kiwi Access card (18+).

    Non-government issued documents that prove your identity must be no more than six months old.

  • Supporting documents

    To process your application, you need to provide the following:

    • evidence of your bank account, for example a bank statement or screenshot of your online banking showing your name, account number and the bank's logo
    • details of any overseas pension that you get or qualify for, including documents from the pension provider that show:
      • the regular current rate in overseas currency
      • any rate changes that may impact your overseas pension amount.

    If you can't provide the details of your overseas pension when you apply, you can give us an estimate and provide the documents later.

    If you have a partner and they're not getting any payments from us, you'll also need to provide details of any overseas pensions they get.

    You can upload these documents in MyMSD as part of your application. MyMSD will tell you how to do this and what types of documents you can upload.

  • Applying for other payments as well

    If you're also applying for any other payments, eg Accommodation Supplement or Disability Allowance, there will be other documents we'll ask you to provide. It depends what other payments you're applying for. Your partner will have to provide these documents as well.

    To confirm your: You need to provide:
    Income and assets

    Evidence of any income (before tax) for the last 52 weeks from:

    • wages
    • holiday pay
    • business accounts
    • trust documents
    • any other income
    • assets and their values.

    (including housing costs)

    Details of:

    • your rent, mortgage or other accommodation costs (eg tenancy agreement)
    • hire purchase you're currently paying
    • other regular outgoings (eg, because of a disability or health condition).

    If you have disability-related expenses, your health practitioner will need to complete a Disability Certificate.


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