What to provide when you apply for Community Services Card

When you apply for a Community Services Card, you need to prove who you are and that what you’ve told us is true.


You must provide original documents or certified true copies. If you can’t get a document certified right now, we’ll talk to you about alternative options.

If you have a partner, they will need to provide these documents as well.

  • Identification

    1 document issued by a New Zealand Government Department which shows your full legal name and date of birth, eg:

    You must also provide full birth certificates for any children in your care.

    For clients born overseas

    Proof of your lawful residence in New Zealand e.g.

    • New Zealand passport
    • Other country passport with residence visa
    • Citizenship certificate

    You must also provide full birth certificates for any children in your care.

    You will need to provide originals or certified copies of the identification for verification.

    For clients born in New Zealand or overseas you will also need to provide supporting documents.

  • Supporting documents

    2 supporting documents (one of them must be at least two years old) which show that you are known by this name, eg:

    • Household accounts, eg:
      • utility bills such as power and phone,
      • documents from suppliers of goods and services such as hire purchase agreements or a tenancy agreements
    • Other Government issued documents, eg:
      • tax assessment
      • rates notice
      • car registration form
      • licences
      • birth or marriage certificate
      • passport from another country
    • Employment related documents, eg:
      • a support letter from an employer (past or present)
      • pay slips
    • Bank/insurance company documents, eg:
      • bank account statements
      • mortgage papers
      • insurance policy
    • Health/education organisation documents, eg:
      • student ID card
      • school report
      • school leaving certificate
      • doctors bill
      • degree or trade certificate
    • Support letters from prominent community members, eg:
      • Justice of the Peace
      • Doctor
      • kaumatua
      • clergyman
      • Women's Refuge co-ordinator.

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Contact us if there’s anything on the list you’re not sure about, don’t have or will have some delay in providing.