What services can be used with 'Cheap as' data?

The services listed below are included or not available with 'Cheap as' data.

What's available with 'Cheap as' data?

Websites include:

  • Work and Income
  • StudyLink
  • Working for Families
  • MSD
  • Find a Job.

Online services include:

  • MyMSD
  • Apply online and Apply for NZ Super
  • MyStudyLink
  • Department of Internal Affair's RealMe registration website

What's not available with 'Cheap as' data?

The services listed below are not directly hosted by MSD. Due to this we have been unable to reduce the costs associated with these services.

  • Check what you might get
  • Seniors 'Ask a Question' tool
  • Seniors web forms:
  • StudyLink 'Ask a Question' tool
  • Links to external/other websites (e.g. Seek, TradeMe)
  • Videos
  • 'Follow MSD on Twitter' button on MSD homepage
  • Media/News feeds