Our services centres in Canterbury, with their postal addresses.

We can do a lot to help you over the phone or on MyMSD so you don't need to come and see us. Rather than dropping in, please call us on 0800 559 009 (unless you have a temporary NZ visa, in which case you need to visit in person).

If we need you to come in for a face-to-face appointment, we'll talk with you about booking one at a time that suits you.

Details of our service centres

  • Ashburton

    Street address:
    145 Tancred Street
    Ashburton, 7700

    Postal address:
    PO Box 88
    Ashburton 7740

    Fax: 03 307 1275

  • Hornby

    Street address:
    25 Shands Road
    Christchurch 8042

    Postal address:
    PO Box 16028
    Christchurch 8441

  • Linwood

    Street address:
    154 Aldwins Road
    Christchurch 8011

    Postal address:
    PO Box 24181
    Christchurch 8642

  • New Brighton

    Street Address
    26 Beresford Street
    New Brighton
    Christchurch 8061

    Postal Address
    PO Box 18602
    Christchurch 8641

  • Papanui

    Street address:
    56 Langdons Road
    Christchurch 8542

    Postal address:
    PO Box 5588
    Christchurch 8542

  • Rangiora

    Street address:
    4 High Street
    Rangiora 7400

    Postal address:
    PO Box 406
    Rangiora 7440

    Fax: 03 313 0562

  • Riccarton

    Street address:
    76-78 Riccarton Road
    Christchurch 8011

    Postal address:
    PO Box 8328
    Christchurch 8440

  • Shirley

    Street and postal address:
    203-205 Hills Road
    Christchurch 8013

  • Sydenham

    New Zealand Government Centre

    Open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm
    Open Wednesdays 9:30am to 5pm

    Street Address:
    39 Durham Street

    Postal address:
    PO Box 7119
    Christchurch 8240


You can contact any of our service centres on 0800 559 009