Civilian Amputee Assistance

Civilian Amputee Assistance helps amputees, or those born without a limb(s), with some of their costs when they need to go to an Artificial Limb Centre.

What you can claim

You can claim:

  • travel costs including public transport, taxi fares (where public transport can’t be used), private cars or air fares, depending on your circumstances
  • costs of meals during travel times or overnight stays
  • accommodation costs if your appointment times or the distance travelled mean that you have to stay overnight
  • loss of earnings if you have no sick leave left.

If you are aged under 15 or can’t travel by yourself you can also claim the costs of someone going with you. You can claim for their travel, accommodation and meals but not for their loss of earnings.

You can only claim for costs that can’t be met by District Health Boards or any other funding scheme. Generally, the District Health Boards will cover initial artificial limb fitting travel costs if you’re still in hospital.

If you’ve lost a limb due to an accident you can get compensation. Contact ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) about this.

Who can get it

You may get Civilian Amputee Assistance if you need to go to an Artificial Limb Centre to have an artificial limb fitted, adjusted or repaired.

This information is a guide only. Contact us to talk about your individual circumstances.

How much you can get

This depends on your circumstances and the costs you claim.

For more information

For more detail go to our:

How to apply

Contact us to talk about your circumstances and we’ll explain how to apply. We’ll normally arrange a meeting with you and will tell you what you need to bring.

If you’re applying before you go to a Limb Centre you’ll need to provide proof of your appointment and quotes or estimates of your costs.

If the amount you were paid in advance did not meet all your costs, or you chose not to be paid before your appointment, you can apply to have these cost reimbursed. You need to:

  • claim your costs within six months of going to the Limb Centre
  • provide proof of attending the Limb Centre
  • provide receipts of your costs.

If you’re claiming for loss of earnings you must provide confirmation of this from your employer.

We can grant you the financial assistance you’re entitled to from the date you first contact us if you complete your application within 20 working days of that date.