Apply online for NZ Super

Welcome to apply online for NZ Super

  • You should read all information on this page BEFORE you begin your application. It tells you about the process to apply and information you need to have with you to complete your application.
  • You should apply before you turn 65 to make sure you are paid on time.
  • You can get NZ Super even if you remain working.

Who can apply online?

If you are aged 64 years and 9 months or over, a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, you can apply online for your NZ Super.

In some circumstances you need to contact us to make an appointment for an interview. Once you have submitted your online application you will receive instructions about what to do next.

If you already receive a Work and Income benefit or are included in your spouse/partner’s NZ Super you can apply online.  However, it may be easier for you to complete a shortened paper application as we already have some of your information.

If you already get NZ Super and want to include your partner or spouse (either because they are under 65 or they do not meet the residence requirements for NZ Super) please contact us

War Veterans

Are you a war veteran? You may be entitled to special benefits or pensions. You can contact the Veteran’s Pension Centre to discuss how to apply.

The application process

  1. Select ‘Log in to Apply Online’ below then select ‘Apply Online’.
    Don't click on 'Check what you might get'- there is a known fault for NZ Super clients.

  2. Log in with RealMe®. There’s an option to create a RealMe login if you need to. You’ll need an email address and mobile phone.

    For more information about RealMe
    How to create an email account

  3. RealMe will text you a six digit code – enter this to continue.

  4. Before you start an application, get the information you need about you and your partner.

  5. Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll get a confirmation page with your application reference number and what you have to do next. What happens after you complete the online application

You’ll be timed out if you stay on the same screen for more than five minutes, so make sure you have the information you need before you start to avoid this happening.

To continue with a saved or timed out application, log in to Apply Online and select the application you want to continue. You’ll start from your last completed page.

Online Services

Your privacy

  • Your online application will be stored and transferred securely by the Ministry of Social Development.
  • We will not share your online application information, or use it for any purpose other than determining your eligibility for benefits/pension.

Before you begin

We recommend that you read the following:

To complete your online application you’ll need:

  • access to a printer in case you have to print your application
  • an email address for us to send confirmation that your application has been received
  • your IRD number (Contact Inland Revenue if you don't have it)
  • your tax code for NZ Super (Inland Revenue can advise on your tax code)
  • your personal/joint bank account number you want your payments paid into
  • details of any overseas pension payments you get
  • details of any weekly ACC payments you receive
  • your Work and Income client number if you have one (useful but not essential for your application).

To include your spouse/partner in your NZ Super payments you need to provide

  • the same information above about them, and
  • details of any income for you and your spouse/partner

If you are applying for other financial assistance as well as NZ Super, you will need to provide details of your (and your spouse/partner's) income. You may also need to provide other information depending on the type of financial assistance you apply for eg mortgage agreement for Accommodation Supplement, prescription costs for Disability Allowance.

If you stay on the same screen without doing anything for more than 5 minutes, you'll be automatically logged out of the application. This is done to help protect the privacy of your information. When you log back in, you can continue with your application from the last completed page.

If you can't complete your application in one session you can save it and then log out. When you log back in you can continue with your application. Partially completed applications will be saved for 60 days.

Entering overseas entitlements

There’s a current fault in the online form where we ask you to enter the amount of your overseas entitlements and what currency it is. You’ll get an error and won’t be able to continue to the next page if you enter letters, extra space or symbols eg dollar sign ($) or pound sign (£)

You’ll need to enter only the amount in the currency you’re paid in, eg 100.50. The other information you provide about your overseas entitlements along with this answer will be enough to complete the application.

What happens after you complete the application

Once you've completed your application form online you'll get:

  • an application reference number
  • 'Next steps' instructions (including a list of documents you need to provide us).

We’ll send a confirmation notice to your email address (we recommend you save this for your own record.)

'Next steps'

Print, sign and post

If you are told to print out your application and post it to us you need to:

  • print out your application and sign it
  • get your spouse/partner to sign it, if they are not already getting NZ Super in their own right or not being included in your NZ Super payments as you have to provide some information about them
  • send the form and the other documents requested to:
    Senior Services
    Ministry of Social Development
    PO Box 5645
    Lambton Quay
    Wellington 6145

When your submitted application is being processed, you will be contacted by phone to confirm the details you have provided. Please make sure we can reach you during work hours at the phone number you give us.

If you are asked to come in and see us you need to:

Contact us to arrange an appointment. When you come in to see us you’ll need to have:

  • your application reference number
  • your documents as listed in your confirmation email
  • the signature of your spouse/partner - if they are not already getting NZ Super in their own right or not being included in your NZ Super payments they must sign your application to confirm the information we’ve asked about them (if your spouse/partner is not coming with you to the appointment, please make sure they have already signed it before you come in).

My Account

Once your payments start you can view your next payment information by setting up a My Account.

Once your payments start you can view your next payment information by setting up an account using the same username and password you used for your online application.

Contact us if you need any further assistance

If you have questions about applying online or completing the short paper application form for current clients contact us.