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24 May 2024

Flexi-wage Subsidy provides a wage subsidy and extra assistance to support employers to employ and pay people who do not meet the entry level requirements of jobs they need to fill.

Map has been updated to reflect changes from a review of Flexi-wage Subsidy in 2023. These changes apply from 5 February 2024 and include:

  • eligible clients must not meet the entry-level criteria of the relevant role
  • adjusted subsidy amounts for payment bands 1 and 2 and increased costs payable for short-term training
  • variable and flexible subsidy payments
  • maximum amount over 52 weeks for an employer is now for each individual employee

More examples have also been added and minor clarifications made throughout the manual.


20 May 2024

Temporary Additional Support

The definition of 'basic telephone costs' for Temporary Additional Support has been updated to include mobile phone plans. Mobile phone plans can be included if there is no landline at the client's home.

A mobile phone plan is considered a rental cost as the client is renting time on the mobile network. The cost of the mobile phone cannot be included.

The client must meet all other qualifications before a mobile phone plan can only be included as a telephone cost for payment of Temporary Additional Support.


Disability Allowance

Student Loan Living Costs have been removed from the list of chargeable income in the Disability Allowance manual as this type of payment is not considered chargeable income


Deskfile - Licensed home-based education and care services income exemptions

The current and previous income exemption rates for Licensed home-based education and care services have been added to Deskfile under Income abatements and exemptions.


6 May 2024

Accommodation Supplement and Overseas pensions

Overseas pensions impact a client's entitlement to Accommodation Supplement. The overseas pension is treated differently depending on whether the client applying for Accommodation Supplement is:

  • getting New Zealand Superannuation, Veteran's Pension, or a main benefit or
  • not getting New Zealand Superannuation, Veteran's Pension, or a main benefit

Guidance was inconsistent between the Payments from Overseas, and Accommodation Supplement Map manuals. Map has been updated to clarify how overseas pensions interact with Accommodation Supplement and to ensure information is consistent.


Temporary Additional Support for full-time students who are caregivers

When a full-time student or their partner are the principal temporary caregiver of a dependent child, they can qualify for Temporary Additional Support. 

See: Full-time students

Care and protection of children

Care and protection issues guidelines have been updated to provide refreshed and clarified information about the indicators that a child or young person has been or is at risk of harm, and what action you must take.



1 May 2024

Initial stand-down periods

The current initial stand-down periods have been updated with changes to the Gross Average Ordinary Time Weekly Wage (AOTWW) as at 1 May 2024. See: