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7 November 2018

Initial stand-down periods

The current initial stand-down period for clients has been amended in line with the adjustment to the Gross Average Ordinary Time Weekly Wage (AOTWW) as at 7 November 2018. See:

Student Allowance - Accommodation Benefit standard rates

The 2019 Accommodation Benefit standard rates for Student Allowance have been added. See:


29 October 2018

SNOMED codes replacing READ codes

Read codes are transitioning to a new medical coding system called SNOMED codes - "Systemised Nomenclature of medicine".

SNOMED codes will gradually replace the Read codes currently used to record, report and understand a client's medical condition. Including how their condition may impact their ability to work, and the kind of support a clients needs, or programmes they may be eligible to get.

Until the transition process has been completed both Read codes and SNOMED codes can be used.