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27 March 2017

Jobseeker Support - Medical reviews and reassessments

Clients with a cancer diagnosis are no longer required to provide multiple medical certificates, they only need to provide 1 medical certificate that can be extended to cover 13 weeks.

If supporting information is provided about treatment, coverage can be further extended for the duration of the treatment. See:


13 March 2017

Childcare and OSCAR subsidy

Assessing childcare assistance for clients in study

Calculating Childcare and OSCAR subsidy hours for clients receiving a Student Allowance or Student Loan has been clarified. See:

Two new pages have been added to the OSCAR manual. See:

OSCAR provider lists

The OSCAR provider lists have been removed from Deskfile. Please use the Childcare provider lists in the Family Services Directory. See:

Date of first contact - Online application form lodged without prior contact

The "date of first contact" for a client who lodges an online application form without prior contact is now the date that the client started completing the form. Previously, this was the date that the client submitted the form. See: