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30 January 2023

Emergency housing Special Needs Grant

Emergency housing now has its own manual under Extra help. Emergency housing information has been removed from the Special Needs Grants manual.

It may look a bit different, but there have been no policy changes, and emergency housing assistance is still paid under the Special Needs Grant welfare programme.



18 January 2023

Housing Support Products

The Housing Support Products home page has been updated to remove out of date information and be consistent with the current Housing Support Assistance Programme.



16 January 2023

Civil Defence Payment applications

When a Civil Defence emergency or other adverse event arises, it may be difficult for people to provide proof of their details. They may have little, if any, documentation with them.

You can check what is happening in their region through the regional office, the media or the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management. A person does not need a civil defence registration number to qualify for Civil Defence payments.


Supported Living Payment (caring for a person) charging income for couples

Charging income processes for couples when one partner is getting Supported Living Payment while caring for a person has been moved to doogle. This processes for charging income for these clients is now in one single location.


OSCAR Subsidy

OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreational) subsidy is a payment made under the Childcare Assistance Programme to help low-income caregivers to start and stay in employment.

The cohort entry policy no longer applies and is not part of the eligibility criteria, reference to this criteria has been removed from the OSCAR subsidy.


Australian Reciprocal Agreement

If a person who is getting a New Zealand benefit or pension in Australia intends to leave Australia for more than 26 weeks, they are no longer considered ordinarily resident in Australia from the date of his or her departure from Australia.

This means any New Zealand benefit or pension they were getting will stop from the date they left Australia.