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8 July 2019

Student Allowance and Student Loan

The Student Allowance and Student Loan has been updated to clarify when assistance is available to students who go overseas.



1 July 2019

Residential Care Subsidy

The Residential Care Subsidy asset thresholds, income from assets exemption, and Territorial Local Authority maximum contribution rates increase on 1 July 2019. See:

New Zealand Superannuation/Veterans Pension and ACC weekly payments

Some New Zealand Superannuation and Veterans Pension clients can also get ACC earnings-related weekly compensation at the same time.

Payments depend on when a client's ACC payments started and how long they have been getting these payments and when they qualify for New Zealand Superannuation or Veterans Pension. See:

Approved Information Sharing Agreement with New Zealand Customs Service

The Ministry of Social Development has a new Approved Information Sharing Agreement with the New Zealand Customs Service.

This agreement allows the Ministry to stop ongoing Extra Help payments when a client has been absent from New Zealand for more than 28 days.

The Ministry does not have to give 10 days notice they are stopping payments, which will reduce overpayments and debt for clients. See: