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12 May 2022

Mana in Mahi

The definition for Mana in Mahi referred to support for people 'disadvantaged in the labour market'. This has been changed to 'people at risk of long-term benefit receipt' this is more consistent with the policy intent of the programme. See:


5 May 2022

Transitional Assistance Payment - Benefit Rate Increase (sole parent Accommodation Benefit)

Transitional assistance payments for sole parents getting an accommodation benefit expired on 3 April 2022. This has now been removed from Map.


4 May 2022

Initial stand-down

The current initial stand-down periods have been amended in line with the adjustment to the Gross Average Ordinary Time Weekly Wage (AOTWW) as at 4 May 2022. See:

Mana in Mahi (Strength in Work) is provided by the Ministry of Social Development to support people who are at risk of long-term benefit receipt to get an apprenticeship or formal industry qualification to gain sustainable employment.

Employers get support to recruit people and to then support those people through an industry training pathway.

The Ministry:

  • pays a wage subsidy to the employer and
  • provides clients with incentive payments and ongoing support (along with a ...