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17 July 2018


The 2019 calendar, with the fortnightly paydays marked, has been added.


1 July 2018

Best Start tax credit

Best Start is a new $60 a week payment from Inland Revenue for children born on or after 1 July 2018. Clients will automatically get these payments with their benefit up until the child turns 3 years old. See:

Family tax credit

Family tax credit rates and income thresholds are changing, eligible clients will automaticaly get the increase in family tax credits currently paid with your benefit from 1 July 2018. See:

Orphans Benefit, Unsupported Childs Benefit and Foster Care allowance

Orphans Benefit and Unsupported Childs Benefit, and the Foster Care allowance are increasing from 1 July 2018. Clients getting this assistance will automatically get the increased payments. See:

Clothing Allowance for Orphans and Unsupported children

A clothing allowance for orphans and unsupported children is available from 1 July 2018. The clothing allowance is paid automatically to all caregivers getting a Orphans Benefit or Unsupported Childs Benefit. See:

Winter Energy Payments

Winter Energy Payments will be paid to clients receiving a qualifying benefit to assist with costs of heating during the winter period. See:

Residential Care Subsidy

The Residential Care Subsidy allowable gifting amounts, asset thresholds, income from assets exemption, and Territorial Local Authority maximum contribution rates increase on 1 July 2018. See:

Disability Allowance - Counselling

The list of organisations for which Disability Allowance can be paid for counselling has been updated to reflect the new name for the Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association (ANZATA) from 1 July 2018. It's now known as the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association (ANZACATA). See:


The following ministerial direction has been updated, effective from 1 July 2018:

This is also available in a hard-copy (PDF) format. See ministerial directions.