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9 September 2019

Social housing fast-track

Fast-track is now available for specified children or young people in custody under the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 or in an approved permanent care arrangement.

Stable housing is a priority for children and young people in these circumstances. See:


5 September 2019

Child support

We have reviewed our guidelines on child support applications to make it clear when sole parent or Unsupported Child’s Benefit clients need to apply for child support, and when they do not.

These clients do not need to apply for child support if any of the following situations apply:

  • insufficient evidence available to identify paying parent
  • risk of violence to the carer or their children
  • paying parent is deceased
  • child conceived as a result of incest or sexual violence
  • other compelling circumstance or reason

In particular, we have clarified that when a client advises they do not know who the paying parent is, they are considered to have insufficient evidence to legally identify the paying parent. This means they do not need to apply for child support and they do not need to go to a lawyer to confirm this.



29 August 2019


The 2020 calendar, with the fortnightly paydays marked, has been added.