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30 November 2023

Flexible Funding Assistance - Income limits, and dependent child definition

Income limits

Flexible Funding Assistance income limits are based on the income limits for Special Needs Grants for emergency housing.

A correction has been made to the the Flexible Funding Assistance manual with updated content. See:

Dependent child

A correction has been made to the definition of 'dependent child' for Flexible Funding Assistance. Previously it was wrongly excluding children for whom an Orphans Benefit or Unsupported Childs Benefit was being paid.

There have been minor wording changes to related pages with information on 'dependent children'. There are no policy changes. See:


24 November 2023

Temporary Accommodation Assistance - Yellow or red placard for an affected home

To qualify for Temporary Accommodation Assistance clients must have been issued with a yellow or red placard by their council under very specific legislation. See:

Supported Living Payment

The examples for charging income and personal earnings have been updated and clarified. See:


21 November 2023

Jobseeker Support - Flexi-wage Self Employment

Flexi-wage Self Employment is paid for a set period of 28 weeks. It can only be extended for up to 52 weeks if their are exceptional circumstances. This has been clarified in Map. See:

Home Help

Clients applying for Home Help as after a multiple birth do not need to have a current Community Service Card or meet an asset test. See:

Types of income - Payments to victims of crime and their families

The Victim Assistance Scheme (VAS) provides financial support for victims of serious crime, to cover costs relating to crime, justice proceedings, and recovery.

Most of these payments are not chargeable income or a cash asset for the first 12 months after the client gets a payment.

The amounts paid have been removed from Map as these are available from Victim Support.