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1 December 2020

COVID-19 Emergency Benefit for temporary visa holders

Emergency Benefit for temporary visa holders is an income and asset tested benefit for people who qualify, when they are on a valid temporary visa and stranded in New Zealand due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and who:

  • are in hardship and
  • have no other means to support themselves, their partner or dependent children (if any) while they are stranded in New Zealand and
  • cannot get another benefit

Each application for Emergency Benefit for a temporary visa holders is assessed individually depending on the temporary visa holders circumstances. See:

Privacy Act 2020 guidelines

Guidelines to the Privacy Act 2020 have been added. These replace the guidelines to the Privacy Act 1993. See:


27 November 2020


The following welfare programmes have been amended, effective from 27 November 2020:

These are also available in a hard-copy (PDF) format. See welfare programmes.


25 November 2020

Advance Payment of Benefits and Recoverable Assistance Payment - Car repairs

The cost of car insurance excess can now be included in Advance Payment of Benefit and Recoverable Assistance Payments for car repairs. See:

Recoverable Assistance Payments School or Kura donations - School Donations Scheme

Schools can choose to join the Ministry of Educations school donations scheme. Schools that have chosen to join this scheme cannot ask for any donations from parents except for overnight camps. See: