Work experience

If you want to develop your work skills, increase your self-confidence or find out what you might be good at, you might want to consider Work Experience.

What's involved

Work experience gives you the opportunity to gain up-to-date work experience, to explore whether a job or career would be suitable and to develop informal contacts.

Many employers are willing to give a helping hand to people looking for work. We can put you in touch with someone who’s keen to give you a go. When the work experience finishes, you’ll get a reference from your employer to add to your CV. If you've done well, this will be really useful when you apply for your next job.

Work experience can be for up to 4 weeks, and no more than 40 hours a week.

Work experience will help you:

  • understand how a workplace or business works
  • find out what an employer expects of you
  • experience the type of work you might be good at
  • learn skills you can use elsewhere.

We support you all the way through, especially when you get closer to finding another job.

For more information

Talk to a case manager if you are interested in work experience or contact us