Voluntary work

Voluntary work is great way to get work experience, learn new skills and help a community. You don’t get wages, but for some projects you can still get your benefit and you may get extra allowances.

Voluntary work can be a good option

Voluntary work in a community or voluntary organisation can be a great way for people such as sole parents, people with a health condition and disabled people to get experience in the work force.

Doing voluntary work can:

  • teach you new skills
  • build your confidence
  • look good on your CV
  • help a community.

If your voluntary work is part of an Activity in the Community project and you're on a main benefit, you:

  • keep your benefit
  • get an allowance
  • may get some money to help towards expenses.

If you are on a benefit that requires you to look for work and you find paid part-time or full-time work, then you should take paid work before you do voluntary work.