Job placement programmes

If you want to improve your skills and confidence to get into work, we have courses available.

Types of courses

The courses are short job-focused training courses delivered by local providers throughout New Zealand.

Each course can cover different things, it depends what you need.

For example, you can:

  • improve your skills
  • boost your work and self-confidence to be prepared for and to find work
  • get any licences you may need
  • create a professional CV and cover letter
  • get help with preparing for an interview
  • get training for a specific industry (eg, construction)
  • get ongoing support once you start a job.

Reading and writing courses

The Tertiary Education Commission offer 2 reading and writing courses. These are free for Work and Income clients who have had approval to attend.

  • English as a second language (ESOL)
  • Intensive literacy and numeracy (ILN)

The ESOL course is for refugees and migrants living in NZ whose first language isn't English. It's designed to help improve your English speaking and writing skills.

The ILN course helps improve reading, writing and maths for adults. It can help them to be ready for further education or training, or be more effective at work.

To find out about these courses, contact the Tertiary Education Commission on 0800 601 301

We can help with travel costs to get to these courses.

Apply for a course

To find out if you can go on a course, what courses are available and how to apply, call us on 0800 559 009