Working as a bus driver

Find out what it's like to work as a bus driver and how you can get a job in this industry.

Public transport is growing and there are jobs available across the country.

One of the best roles we have is that of the bus driver.

They play a vital part in communities, getting people to work, school, the supermarket, and to visit friends.

  • About the job

    A bus driver has an important, responsible and respected job. It's a career offering lots of variety - no two days are ever the same.

    Hours and transport to work

    You may be required to work early mornings, during the day or late evenings. So having access to reliable transport to get to and from work is important.

    On some days you may have an extended break in the middle of the day. You can use this time to go shopping, exercise or do other things.

    Being sociable

    Being a bus driver is a very sociable job. Most of the time you'll be with colleagues at your depot or with customers on the bus. This means you'll get to talk regularly with your bosses, workmates and the public. Sometimes you may need to deal with different or difficult customers.


    Bus drivers can legally work up to 70 hours a week in NZ and there is generally plenty of work available. Most employers also provide opportunities for promotion into training, supervisory or scheduling roles.

  • What you need for the job

    To be a bus driver you'll need to:

    • be able to legally work in New Zealand
    • have a clean NZ drivers licence
    • pass a Police check
    • be able to work flexible hours
    • have a tidy appearance
    • be good at communicating.

    You also need to be:

    • fit enough to meet the requirements of the job
    • reliable
    • comfortable driving large vehicles
    • able to follow spoken and written instructions
    • competent dealing with cash, and
    • able to write clear incident reports.
  • How much you'll earn

    This depends on your employer. You'll at least get the minimum wage and most employers pay well above this.

    Lots of employers also offer paid training, so you'll be able to earn as you learn.

  • How to apply

    You can either: