Help with job search and costs if you're disabled, injured or have a health condition

It can be hard to get a job if you have a health condition or disability. You can get extra help with your job search.

Help with careers and finding a job

Work can improve your life and give you independence. When it's right for you and your family, we can help you find part-time or full-time work, get training, or become self-employed.

Help with job search

Help if you work

What happens to my benefit payments

If you get a benefit or payment from us you probably have to tell us if you, or your partner, get any extra income. But it depends on the benefits you get.


Everyone's situation is different. We're here to help if you need it.

Contact us if you:

  • would like assistance
  • aren't sure if you can get assistance
  • are struggling to support yourself or your family
  • would like more information.