Flexi-wage is for job seekers at risk of being on a benefit long-term or who are disadvantaged in the labour market. They don’t need to be on a benefit.

It can also support people who are out-of-work and interested in becoming self-employed.

Flexi-wage was expanded on 15 February 2021, to support more New Zealanders into employment.

Find out about the Flexi-wage expansion

How Flexi-wage can help

We can support your employment needs, whether you're wanting to hire staff, looking for a job, or out-of-work and interested in self-employment. Support can include training, in-work support and a wage contribution. Find out more below.

Finding a new career path: Eseta's story

"Train and invest in people" is Sleepwell NZ's simple employment philosophy, and Eseta is so glad to be part of the whānau.

After an injury meant she had to leave her job as a teacher, Eseta wasn't sure if a career change was right for her - but she's delighted to have given it a go.

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