Flexi-wage is one of the ways we're supporting more New Zealanders into work. You can get help to hire staff, get the skills you need to do a job, or start your own business.

How Flexi-wage can help

There's a wage contribution to help employers pay wages, as well as training and ongoing support for employees if it's needed. Find out more below.

Support to retrain your employees

If you're an employer, contact us about Flexi-wage before making jobs redundant. Flexi-wage can help with:

  • support to retrain your employee to do a different job in your business
  • support for another business where the employee can work in a temporary, fixed-term job. Once their normal job is stable they can return to that role.

Finding a new career path: Eseta's story

"Train and invest in people" is Sleepwell NZ's simple employment philosophy, and Eseta is so glad to be part of the whānau.

After an injury meant she had to leave her job as a teacher, Eseta wasn't sure if a career change was right for her - but she's delighted to have given it a go.

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Talofa lava. Hello my name is Eseta Fa'afoi. I'm working here at Sleepwell.

I was on benefit for four years after my surgery. The doctor said that I have to stop working as a teacher for three years. Since that time I asked the Government's MSD to help me with my living. So that's where I got the help from MSD. 

I'm not saying that accidentally but I think this is from God. When Mark from Work and Income called me about the job here I wasn't thinking of accepting it.

But later on, when we were talking and talking and talking, I felt like this is my job. So when I came in and and meet this guy, David Kyle from Sleepwell, that gives me a different feeling of wanting to work. So, I am so glad when I joined this family.

Talofa I'm David from Sleepwell. 

We have a simple philosophy at Sleepwell. We invest and train people and um, and they enjoy working here. And we we do have a sense of  belonging and a sense of community and help each other. And that's what Sleepwell is all about, which I think is a great thing.

Yeah, because the Samoan word for papa is a grandfather. So I look at him as a brother, father and a grandfather. Yes.

All of the above.

Yes, thank you, thank you.

You're doing a very good job.

Thank you. 

So, God wants us to share what we have, what God puts in our hearts. So we have to go work, exercise what we have so that we can help not only the community, the Government, business and companies. But especially help our families.